All about my brows!

Let me start by saying that I just realized i’ve been drawing in my eyebrows since I was 21 years old. I remember my mom telling me that I needed to start filling in my brows since I had literally plucked mine to death for too many years. The first time I ever drew them in was for my FGCU volleyball banquet (see picture below) and the rest is history… 7 years later.. probably millions of dollars spent on eyebrow pencils/gels (okay maybe not millions..) but DEFINITELY millions of HOURS lost in the mornings drawing them in.

eyebrow pic

Drawing them in was always so annoying to me but once you see yourself with strong, filled in brows– going back to my natural sparce brows wasnt an option anymore. There was always one brow that looked better than the other.. they were NEVER even.. sometimes too dark.. sometimes too light– you get the picture. Once I heard of microblading I was immediately interested.

Christina has been my brow gal for YEARS. Her and my mom used to work together at Ulta and she was the only person I would trust to wax/fill in my eyebrows. She is seriously SO talented… so when I heard that she got certified to do microblading I texted her pretty much right away… unfortunately I was pregnant at the time and you can’t do the procedure when pregnant. So once Hayes came, I immediately scheduled my appointment.



Since I had known her for so long, I didnt need a consult appointment but typically you meet with her so she can see your natural brows, the color, shape etc and get a feel for what kind of look your going for; either more natural, a little more dramatic etc. Christina is also one of the FUNNIEST people i’ve ever met and is super easy to be around so any nerves go right out the window. She explained to me that she was going to use a new technique which is a combination of microblading and “powder” essentially calling it “combo brows.” The powder is a shading technique that makes your brows look more natural than just using the strokes of microblading, and it also lasts a little bit longer.

She showed me all of the tools that she uses and explained to me what each one does. She started off by using a small little tool that is kind of a cluster of tiny little needles to “scrape up” the skin underneath my eyebrows, and then applied the numbing cream. After the numbing cream sat for a couple of minutes we got started! She used that same little cluster needle tool to kind of poke holes along my brows which opens up the skin for the dye to set in. After doing that along my whole brow line, she used the  shading technique which is like a tattoo needle to draw them in, and then she used the microblading technique for a couple of strokes towards the front of my brows.


After the “scraping” and numbing cream

I have a very high tolerance to pain- so it truly didn’t bother me at all.. some parts I didnt feel at all but other parts I felt .. but like I said, it didn’t bother me. If you dont have a very good tolerance for pain you can always ask her to apply more numbing cream or tell her to take a little break! The whole procedure took about an hour and 45 minutes but I also had to take some breaks to nurse my little guy (who came with me.. but thank GOODNESS my mom came too because of COURSE he decided to wake up and be fussy the whole time.. thanks momma!)

After the numbing cream wore off, they were a little sore but nothing unbearable. The instructions she gave me for after care were; no touching them with my hands (its basically an open cut so any bacteria from your hands is a no-no.) They also can’t get wet at all for 10 days. So no washing your entire face, no sweating/working out, and you have to be very careful when washing your hair. She also let me know that immediately after the procedure they are going to appear darker than they will be after they heal, and that some parts may scab, and some parts may even lose the pigment all together. Thats why you schedule a follow up appointment to touch up any parts that may fade/peel off.

Honestly you guys.. I’m obsessed. I woke up this morning and didnt have to do ANYTHING to my eyebrows! She did such an incredible job and paid such attention to detail that I could NOT be happier. If you guys are even CONSIDERING this procedure I would give Christina a call. If anything set up your consult appointment just to chat with her about it!! If you have any other questions about  my experience or about microblading/combo brows at all please let me know and I’ll answer as much as I can!!!

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