Baby products I love.

Okay. If you are a Naples or Florida resident how much are you HATING this weather?? I mean I’m all for a rainy day…but 8 rainy days in a row??? If this is a sign of how this hurricane season is going to go then were screwed lol. Not to mention that having a very active toddler stuck inside all day is enough to drive ya nuts.

So I put together a quick list* of all the products that i’ve relied on for these first 3 weeks of having little Hayes. If you guys have any products that you’ve LOVED or even products that you tried and ended up not liking- leave them in a comment so all us moms can see your experiences too!

*EDITED TO ADD- after writing this entire post.. it is anything BUT a “quick list” so I hope you have time to read the whole thing hah!*

Hatch nightlight/sound machine. This thing is amazing. Its a night light, sound machine and even an alarm to wakeup for toddlers all in one. It has an app so you can control the brightness/volume, change the sound and even change the color of the light all from your phone. We’re planning on getting another one for Harper because right now she has a separate night light.. sound machine.. and alarm clock- so we want to eliminate the bulk of having three different things and just get one Hatch!

Fisher Price rock and play. We had this left over from when Harper was a baby (so ours is pink.. sorry little guy) Harper slept in this for the first probably 8-12 weeks and Hayes seems to be doing the same thing. It has a button to vibrate (which we actually dont use) but I think that both my kids like(d) it because its slightly inclined but also has raised sides so they feel a little confined which they like. Its super easy to fold up and throw in the car too if you need to go somewhere- not to mention the price point is awesome!

*** we also have the Halo bassinet which I had originally planned on Hayes sleeping in there but he totally prefers the rock and play. Go figure… 200$ vs like $50 haha but who knows, maybe he will transition to the bassinet?? **

Love to dream swaddles. I was never a big fan of the swaddles that you had zip up and then wrap around to velcro- and Harper always found a way to get out of them anyways… so when I saw these on instagram and that they were sold at Target I definitely wanted to try them. It allows baby to keep their arms up which is perfect for Hayes because he ALWAYS has his hands up by his face. LOVE this swaddle. Its expensive but so far has been totally worth it.

Dock a tot. Another left over from harper. Basically this is a glorified, expensive pillow, however we do use it a lot. Its super easy if you’re just hanging on the couch and want your baby next to you without fear of rolling off, you can throw it on the floor so they arent on your ACTUAL floor (esp if you have dogs/other kids and your floors are as dirty as mine are.. whoops.) Also another things thats super easy to travel with so if you are in a hotel or they’re in a bed different than their own, they can still have the same sleep experience/comfort.

Amazon prime diapers/wipes. If your a mom and DONT have amazon prime.. what are you even doing with your life. Kidding. Kind of…. but really- we tried out the new amazon line of diapers and wipes and true to amazon style- did NOT disappoint. They are quickly delivered to our house and I actually prefer the diapers over the pampers swaddles that I used for Harper. The wipes are great also and the packs are twice the size of the pampers ones.

I got this Itzy Ritzy car seat cover at Target. My intention on getting it was actually just for vanity because our car seat has pink flowers on it from Harper (again.. sorry little guy) so I wanted to just cover the car seat. However its actually been GREAT to have to keep the sun out of his face in the car.. to keep the rain off him, and ESPECIALLY to keep strangers from touching him when were out. You can also use it as a nursing cover which is convenient if you arent comfortable nursing in public without a cover.

The Moby wrap. I have the ergo for when he is older because I do prefer a more structured carrier, but he has to be a little bit bigger to fit in it, so in the mean time I got the moby from Target. I do like this wrap ONCE ITS ON… but its a total pain in the ass to get on. Its just one long piece of fabric- and my main problem is that you’re supposed to find the logo on the wrap to be in the front– well they made the logo almost impossible to find.. its literally the size of a quarter and the same color as the wrap.. so sometimes when I’m trying to put it on I end up giving up just because I can’t find the stupid logo to be centered. If I’m patient and get the wrap on then its super comfortable and he is supported really well. I did think the other day to put a big colored paper clip or something on the logo so that its easier to find so I will try that out.

Lastly, the product that has been the MOST beneficial for me is the Moms On Call app! My friend recommended it to me and its been a God send so far! I never tried to schedule Harper’s sleep or feeding- I was always told to follow her lead, never wake her when she’s sleeping and feed on demand.. however this time I wanted to be a little more proactive in getting Hayes to sleep better (if you’ve followed me for a while you know that Harpers never been a great napper/sleeper.) This app has changed the game for us. Its actually a book (which I plan on getting too) written by two pediatric nurses with kids and tons of experience and they explain what type of schedule your baby should be on based on their age. The app is 3.99 but gives you the schedule of when your baby should eat, when they should nap, when they should bathe etc. Within the first day- Hayes was only waking up 2 times at night– HALLELUJAH! Now, he still has his fussy days/cluster feedings where we fall off schedule or have a bad night but 85-90% of the time we are within 30 minutes of the schedule they provide and he’s been a great sleeper at night.

Like I  said, this wasnt exactly a “quick list” but I hope that by being a little bit of a longer post you got some valuable information out of the products that have helped us! If you want any more detail on any of the products please let me know, and if you have anything that has been a game changer for you- then pleaseee let me know in the comments!

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