Battling with a two year old.

Greetings from Ohio! We took our first family trip as a foursome this week. Holy cow do you need a lot of stuff for two little people. Between the double stroller, two car seats, the bases, clothes, diapers, wipes etc.. its surprising that any one else on our plane had room for their bags!


Anyways, I wanted to chat a little bit about battling it out with your toddler. It seems lately that Harper has taken a turn into trying to outsmart me– and sometimes she totally does. This chick is the master manipulator. Between bargaining how much time she needs before we leave school (5 big minutes mommy!) to haggling how many gummy’s she gets before dinner.. I find myself on the edge of tantrum-city many times a day. The tantrums have gotten MUCH fewer and farther between than when she was closer to 2.. but they still happen, and I still hate them. She’s a VERY strong willed child and once she starts- she does NOT stop. We’re talking 40 minutes of screaming “I WANT 2 MORE GUMMIES” at the top of her lungs. I’m ALLLL about picking my battles, and i’ve gotten pretty good (pats self on back) at thinking if something is worth it or not BEFORE I say “no.” Because once I say no– if she starts screaming, theres no turning back… because then she learns that all she has to do is scream to get her way.

SO! The psychology major in me had me doing some research on toddler behavior and “better” ways to deal with their little minds in order to prevent major meltdowns, and discipline without having to raise my voice all the time. I was going to do all this research and then write this post on my own– but I found the BEST website that literally spelled it ALL out for me, so i’m just going to link it here. If you guys have toddlers, or are about to enter the toddler years… do yourselves a favor and read this article.

If we as parents can just take a little extra time understanding our little ones and why they do/act/say things.. then I really believe that can make EVERYONE’S lives a little easier!! Give her articleimg_1550 a read, and please let me know what you think!

*If you have any favorite tactics to preventing meltdowns… comment below and share!*





link to this article:



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