4 ways to make your runs, way more fun!


My fav running buddy before we relayed a half marathon

I’ve NEVER been a big fan of running… to be honest I still dont LOVE it… but after finishing my last competitive college volleyball season in 2011I was dying to find something I could “compete” in… some kind of challenge. The thing about running is, even if you don’t love it, its ALWAYS a challenge (at least for me.)

Some days I feel like I can go out and run 5 miles easily, and other days those EXACT SAME 5 miles feel like they are on a personal mission to kill me. Somehow, even though running has NEVER been my fav workout choice- i’ve done countless 5k’s, 10k’s and have also completed 6 half marathons. One of my post partum goals is to run a 10 miler in October without stopping (I dont have a time goal set for myself….yet.) October seems far away but it’ll be here before I know it and so I compiled a little list of ways that help make running more enjoyable for me (and hopefully for you, too!)

  1. Enlist a running buddy!! Misery loves company… right? One of my favorite running buddies can talk the entire time without even losing her breath.. (I def can’t) so when we run together I just tell her to talk away, and it totally distracts me from the suck that running can be sometimes! Or you can always join a local run group!! Thats actually how I met my husband!!
  2. Download a KILLER music playlist. I use spotify.. they have tons of pre made playlists that keep me motivated to keep going. They also have some that sync to the pace your running!
  3. Set small goals for yourself. When I run outdoors I like to make small little challenges for myself. For example: picking up my pace until I get to a certain mailbox.. or sprinting during the chorus of the song thats playing. These mini challenges/goals keep my mind off of how much farther I have to go.. or how bad my legs hurt.
  4. Get an awesome treadmill! I understand this one may not be financially feasible for all people.. but IF it is.. then you need to check out the NordicTrack iFit treadmills. It has an awesome big touch screen that you can easily choose pre-made runs that take you all over the world. They have runs in the hills of Italy, or the coast of Australia- and the treadmills incline automatically goes up and down based on the course you choose. There are also live cast workouts that you can choose from and join in on a class with a personal trainer. Basically if you can’t get outside to run (hello moms with babies on napping schedules!) then this is your best-bet!

Stephen and I after my first half marathon in 2013

Running is a great way to burn calories and increase your endurance, and it doesn’t ALWAYS have to suck… not to mention, the feeling you get when you finish is awesome- (endorphins are pretty cool.)

If you guys try any of my tips, let me know how they work for you! Anyone signing up for any upcoming races?!

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