Intermittent Fasting… Fad or For real?

I dont think I’ve ever gotten as many DM’s on my instagram as I have when starting to post that i’m giving intermittent fasting a try. I got maybe 15-20 messages from people who have shared their experience with IF, or asking me to write a post on my experience with it so far…. soooo here we are!

Let me first start off by saying I am by NOO means an expert on intermittent fasting. Like probably the farthest from it. I’ve done my fair share of research on it, and am giving it a try for 30 days before we go on our family vacation to Maine in August in hopes of losing a little body fat before being in a bikini for a week (if we’re being honest.) This is the article that I found most helpful.

SO the basic principles of intermittent fasting is pretty self explanatory– you go without eating for certain periods of time, and have a specific window to eat during the day.

A couple people messaged me saying that I.F didn’t work for them, and although that may be true- just know that you can still gain weight, or have it “not work” if you’re eating too much food. You still have to be in a caloric deficit for anything to work– whether that’s eating keto, eating whole30, doing intuitive eating.. it doesn’t matter what you choose. A lot of people think that since they are only eating in an 8 hour window they can binge out and eat whatever the eff they want to and its simply not true.

In the research I did before starting I.F, I learned that there is a difference in your body between the “fed state” and the “fasted state.” When your body is in the fed state, its usually three to five hours after you begin eating.. and is when your body is absorbing and digesting your food– and your body typically is not burning fat during this point because your insulin levels are higher. So once your body is DONE processing/digesting food, it enters the fasted state– which typically starts 8-12 hours AFTER your last meal, and during that time it’s easier to burn fat because insulin levels are low. One of the reasons its hard for people to burn fat is because your body doesnt enter a “fat-burning” stage until 12 hours after your last meal.. say you had a late dinner at 8pm, and woke up at 6am and immediately ate something- you are never truly giving your body any time to enter that “fat burning” phase.

Okay so science aside, i’ve been doing I.F for the past two weeks and here’s what i’ve found:

The first couple days were the hardest– I would normally wake up starving hungry reaching for whatever I could grab the fastest (usually a granola bar or banana or something quick and easy) so the first 2-3 days I only made it to like 9:30 (keep in mind I have an infant and am up several times throughout the night and usually awake for the day by 5am)

I started putting MCT oil in my coffee, and stopped using my dairy-free creamer and the fat content in the MCT oil would sustain me until my first meal. What I found interesting though, was that even though my coffee was sustaining me and I was NOT hungry– I found myself craving food/wanting to eat just out of the pure habit of eating first thing in the morning. Its funny what habits we get into without even realizing it.

After a couple of days I found myself easily making it to 10am before eating my first meal. I think that after getting past the whole idea of “needing to eat right away” it was easy to keep busy until 10. So far, i’m sticking to 10am-6pm eating window. We’ve always eaten dinner really early so to be done eating by 6pm is no problem at all, and its taken away my late night ice cream/snacks so I see that as a bonus.

I have an incredible amount of energy. After maybe the first 4 days I found myself forcing myself to sleep at night, or when Hayes had a rough night a couple days ago and wouldn’t sleep til 12:30am I wasnt even that tired. I dont even need my afternoon coffee to “get through the day” like I used to which is huge. The first week I was super strict about my start/end times. Like I would literally not eat if it was 9:57 if I was waiting til 10.. or I wouldn’t eat ANYTHING if it was 6:03. Which is pretty silly… now id say im probably plus or minus 15 minutes of my start/end times. I also “broke the rules” maybe twice and had ice cream out of the eating window butttttttt im human right?

My workouts have been awesome. They’re mostly done at home and anywhere from 25-60 minutes but I’ve found myself running a little faster, or lifting a bit heavier.

Lastly, i’ve lost about 2 pounds in 2 weeks.. which is slow and steady but also very sustainable. I did a body composition scan at work to see my body fat/muscle mass numbers so that in the next 2 weeks I can see if there are any further changes!

If you guys have any further questions or want to share your intermittent fasting experiences/tips/tricks with me please comment below!!!!

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