Birthday trip and traveling with two little people.

I am officially one year away from being 30! The big 3-0… to be honest im not scared or upset about turning thirty at all. I mean, I never thought I would be 29 years old, married and with two small children- but I can’t imagine my life any other way. I feel the BEST I ever have health wise and am in such a great place with my career. Life is so good you guys, and I can’t wait to see what my 29th year will bring!

First of all my 29th birthday is bringing me a VACATION!! My little fam of four is heading up to Boothbay Harbor Maine for one whole week and I could NOT be more excited about it. We get to stay in one of the Boothbay Harbor Country Club cottages- its a three bedroom house with kitchen, laundry room etc- thats offset from the hotel property but still with all the benefits of the hotel. Boothbay looks like the CUTEST little northeastern town and I can’t wait to be enjoying my morning coffee on the patio with a 60 degree morning… or walking around the town getting ice cream with the kiddos, or eating fresh lobster. Seriously you guys.. SOO excited.

Before we get there though, we have to pack. THIS is the worst part of traveling with two children. When I would travel by myself, or even for volleyball trips in college I could wait until super late the night before leaving to throw some stuff in a suitcase and go. Now? I have separate bullet-pointed lists for each member of the family.. Now? I have to start packing the whole week prior to leaving.. Now? I about lose my mind making sure everything is laid out, packed, and checked off of those pesky lists. Two small kids require LOTS of crap

Two car seats… one big double stroller, the dock a tot, sleep suits, night lights, sound machines, baby monitors, tylenol, diapers, wipes.. I mean seriously?! Are we probably over packing? Yep… but I would MUCH rather over pack and not need something.. than to under-pack and wish we brought something. Especially because Boothbay Harbor is such a small little town, I dont know what kind of stores they have- or what will be accessible to us… so we are bringing two very large suitcases, and one smaller one– the smaller one will be for all the “stuff” like the night lights/monitor etc.

As far as carry ons, I will have my diaper back pack CHOCK full of stuff: diapers/wipes/change of clothes for both kids AND a spare shirt for myself.. tylenol, the iPad for harper, stickers and SNACKS– tons of snacks (for Harper and also Stephen and I.) We like to pack things like apple slices, RX bars, chomps sticks, snack size pirate booty bags, and little dumdum lollipops– basically to use those as bribery if Harper starts acting up lol (just keeping it real.) We also bring our big yeti cups with us because staying hydrated while traveling and on vacation is so tough- but we’ve found if we have a big cup like this with us, we drink a lot more! I also got travel packs of pedialyte to help with dehydration too.

As excited as we are for our vacation, getting there is always the hardest/most stressful part.. but with all of our (my…) prep.. it should HOPEFULLY make it a little easier!

What are your biggest tips for traveling with kiddos?? Any suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!!!

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