Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Hi friends! Long time no talk! Hope everyone has been doing well and having a relaxing summer! Want to know whats NOT relaxing? Traveling with two small children… Going on vacation with an almost 3 year old sassy girl and a 4 month old baby is NO JOKE. The packing process alone started an entire week before we even left, but i’ll save all that for another post. Want to know what IS relaxing, however? Boothbay Harbor Maine….

You guys. If you haven’t been to Maine.. you HAVE to put it on your bucket list. Everywhere we went was SO beautiful, with colorful flowers and the deepest green trees, the people were SO nice and friendly and the weather was amazing (we’re talkin’ no humidity, low 70s, breezy and sunny… literally a dream coming from Florida in September.)

We were fortunate enough to stay in the sweetest little town of Boothbay Harbor, in the cottages associated with the Boothbay Harbor Oceanside Golf Resort. So, theres the main hotel thats on the bay with a boat dock etc, and then there are several cottages that you can stay in that are more like little houses and are more centrally located to the downtown area. Our cottage was literally everything I wish my own house was. It had recently been completely re-modeled, and they did a BEAUTIFUL job. Granite countertops, all new appliances.. heated bathroom floors (uh.. what?!) a beautiful wooden balcony overlooking the bay, and the whole bottom floor was an awesome outdoor area with a jacuzzi, couches and tv. It was like having the comfort of staying in your own home but with the amenities and beauty of a hotel.

We were in Boothbay for a full week so having the comfort of staying in the cottage was really great. Harper got her own room and bathroom, and Hayes stayed in our room in a pack and play that the hotel provided. We also didn’t have a rental car so staying downtown and being able to walk to everything like the grocery store and restaurants was huge.

Boothbay Harbor is a very small little town but gosh is it beautiful. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the flowers were and how much care everyone put into their landscaping. Everywhere you looked there was a quaint bed and breakfast, or local candy store.. or my personal favorite: the local coffee shop (insert heart eye emoji here) If you guys followed along on my instagram story you would have seen that my obsession with the Red Cup Coffee Shop was REAL. I even got Stephen hooked on ice lattes (who previously wouldn’t even TRY mine.) We went there once (usually twice) a day.. and uhh side note- their homemade chocolate chip cookies were to die for.

The local chocolate shop, Orne’s also somehow got two pounds of their chocolate into our kitchen.. not so sure how THAT happened.. but it was gone in 5 days, whoops! We spent most of our days hanging around the cottage in the morning- either making our own breakfast with groceries we got from the store, or walking across the footbridge to have breakfast at the hotel… doing a quick workout or going for a run. Then we would come back for naptime, and then go walk around the town exploring the little shops, or looking at all the boats. As much as we wanted to try all the restaurants for dinner…5pm is always the kids crazy time and trying to contain Harper quietly in a high chair is never a good idea so we stuck to getting takeout or cooking our own dinner (which saved a ton of money AND kept us pretty healthy.)

One of my favorite things was after the kids were both asleep, having a glass of wine and some chocolate all cozied up in the most amazing robe while sitting on the balcony watching the tide go out… seriously so relaxing.

One of the perks of staying off-site from the hotel is that you can still use their shuttle service to take you to the country club to use the fitness center/pool/tennis courts/restaurants. We took the shuttle to the pool and had SUCH a great time. Harper quickly made friends with some of the local girls which was so cute to see, and they ALL were obsessed with Hayes (duh.) What I thought was so cool about the pool was that they had a whole bin of toys for kids to play with… noodles, frisbees, beach balls etc. So it was super kid friendly which was nice for being such an upscale country club.

The fitness center was completely remodeled as well and had all the cardio equipment, weights, med balls, TRX that you would need- all while overlooking the most beautiful outdoors with huge green trees, and flowers… I know I keep talking about the flowers but until you see it for yourself its hard to explain how beautiful it was.

We were also lucky enough to get to take a boat ride all around the Bay and see all of the islands, and houses around. We were hoping to see some seals or whales (the group after us got to see a whale!) but the tide was a little too high I guess. The boat was amazing and Harper LOVED it. It was really cool to see a different perspective of the Harbor where we were staying and hear some of the history of the surrounding islands.

Our last adventure while we were there was going to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. IT was maybe a 5 minute ride outside of where we were staying but it felt like you were hundreds of miles away.  It was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Rolling hills with tall green trees, and all different colored flowers (again with the flowers.. I know.. I sound obnoxious but you just won’t get it til ya see it.) The childrens garden was my favorite. There were 3 different gardens for the kids; a little house with a pretend kitchen, one with books and puzzles, and one with chickens and little farm things. Trying to get Harper to leave the childrens garden was top 5 hardest things we’ve had to do haha.

On our last day, we just relaxed in the cottage cleaning up, packing and did some of our favorite things: we went and got an iced latte and some chocolate from the little shops.. and we even braved having dinner outside at the hotel. I’m glad we did because it was my favorite meal and since we sat outside Harper had a little more freedom to run around.

I feel like I could go on and on about our trip.. about how beautiful it was and about how nice everyone was..and I truly hope to make Boothbay Harbor a yearly vacation for our family.

Where are your favorite family vacation spots??

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