6 months post baby, and 5 things that help me deal with bad body image days.


You guys how is my baby 6 months old? I think since having Harper and seeing just how fast time really does go- its making me SO acutely aware of how fast time with Hayes is going. He’s literally going to be walking and talking like… tomorrow. I’m trying my absolute best to just soak in ALL of the little moments that i’ll never get back… the cooes, the smiles, the laughs.. AAAAND now i’m crying.

For me personally, I think the 6 month mark is a big deal as a mom. You’ve made it 1/2 a year– you and you’re baby have figured each other out and you’re able to get into more of a predictable routine and gain some independence back. It’s also a point where for me, I can re-evaluate how I’ve done in regards to fitness/nutrition, and start to map out some new goals (forever goal setting..)


In the last 6 months.. I’ve gotten back to a place physically where i’m happy with what I see in the mirror. Don’t get me wrong, I still have some bad body image days just like everyone else.. but when put into perspective that I just had Hayes 6 months ago- I’m pretty proud.

I think its important to note that no matter what people portray on social media.. everyone is human. No one eats 100% clean 100% of the time (at least no one I’ve ever known.) I’m learning along the way to extend myself some grace and patience. I remember it being a full year after Harper was born before I was super satisfied with my body.

Sometimes I find myself sliding down a slippery slope in regards to my body image.. One bad day can lead to a week, which can lead to more…so here are 5 things that help me get through those days:

  1. Realize that these days/weeks/months happen to everyone, and that its OK to not feel stoked about my physical appearance. Also noting that my/your physical body doesn’t define who you are as a person.
  2. Acknowledge that I am working hard, every day.. and that this lifestyle is a marathon, and not a sprint. The results that I want aren’t going to happen tomorrow. So I need to be patient.
  3. I’ve learned that I feel more confident about my body when I eat healthier. For me there is a direct connection… the better I eat- the better I feel about myself. Makes sense, right?
  4. Do something that makes me feel good. Bad body image days don’t have to actually consume your whole day. If you start feeling bad- change the narrative and do something that makes you happy; listen to a great playlist, go for a walk, meet a friend for coffee.
  5. Most importantly… give yourself grace. This is something that I’m working on.. I give my clients grace all the time when they aren’t feeling their best– yet i’m always so hard on myself. I (we) need to be better at treating ourselves how we treat others around us.

Body image is such an important thing.. especially for us girls. I hope that if you are having a bad body image day that this list can help you get out of it– just realize that you are beautiful, and strong and capable.. and your physical appearance does NOT define you as a human being.

What are some things that help you get out of a funk?



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