Phillips Avent

When I got pregnant with Hayes, literally EVERYONE told me to get ready because each baby is so different. They said to expect the complete opposite of what Harper was. It’s hard to believe though, right? Like the DNA is from the same two people so how can two kids be polar opposites..

Well… let me tell you this: my children (so far) could NOT be any more different haha!! Harper is my girl.. like my little bestie, but you guys she is WORK. She is sassy, and feisty, and fiercely independent, and she’s always been those things. When she was a baby I obviously didn’t have anything to compare it to but she was a lot of work. She was a terrible napper/sleeper (still is) She also NEVER took a pacifier. Like literally she absolutely hated them. I must have spent 100’s of dollars on all the different brands/types but she protested every.single.time…

Enter Hayes. He is the calmest, easiest, most chill baby EVER. No baby is “better” than another.. especially when they’re both your children but Hayes is MUCH easier than Harper was as a baby. When he was born I wanted to start introducing a pacifier right away to see if he would take one. I tried a couple different brands with no luck- and started getting a little nervous that he wouldn’t like them either. Then I tried the soothie. He IMMEDIATELY loved them. *Cue angels singing and lights shining down from the Heavens* I’m telling you guys it was a total game changer. He doesn’t just “take them” he LOVES them. He sleeps with 3 of them in his crib and every morning when I go in his room to wake him up he’s got one in his mouth and holding one in his other hand!

I recently had the opportunity to review the Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier, thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel. The design is slightly different and the base of the pacifier is a little thicker. Hayes loves them just as much if not more. They’re easy to find in the middle of the night or in his car seat if he drops it, and also very easy for him to navigate to put it back in his own mouth. The design of the soothie is SUPER natural and doesn’t have too much clutter with handles or anything. It’s a streamlined design that keeps the pacifier flush to Haye’s face so that it isn’t knocked out easily. We have a sanitize setting on our dryer so every couple of days we just throw them in the dryer on sanitize and wait a couple minutes before theyre like new again!

We absolutely LOVE the soothie and are very grateful to the weeSpring Parent Panel and Philips Avent for letting us try out the new model!!!

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