Nutritional Consult. Working with Tricore part 2

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Wow! The feedback that I got from my original blog post about working with Tricore Wellness was really amazing! The feedback that I got the most was that you guys were really just glad to know you weren’t alone in feeling like something was “off” or feeling overwhelmed. Trust me I get it! This shi*t isn’t easy you guys… making sure you eat enough but not TOO much, making sure you eat enough protein/carbs/fats but not TOO much, making sure you exercise but don’t over do it… I mean the list could go on and on… and with SO much information and different options out there (keto, paleo, weight watchers etc) its super hard to navigate on your own.

After my original meeting with Chris I got to work pretty much right away *true to personality lol* I immediately started tracking my calorie intake and was kind of stunned with how LITTLE I was eating.. and how I was falling SO short in so many categories. For one thing- I was eating almost 3/4 of my allotted fat calories before 1pm.. and not NEARLY enough protein– especially for the amount of exercise I was putting my body through. I had to really look at the foods I was relying on every day and make some simple changes.

For one, I had to start incorporating a protein shake every single day for 20g additional protein to help me meet my goals. This is the brand of protein powder that I have at home, and this is a dairy free protein drink that’s DELICIOUS, I find it at Target. I also started incorporating collagen again which is SO easy to do- and it doesn’t taste like anything so I can froth it into my coffee in the mornings. I also had to eliminate things like perfect bars– that are delicious but carry about 18-20g fat in them and they didn’t even keep me full for very long so it wasn’t worth it. I started swapping things like chips for fruit/vegetables since they are more nutrient dense they sustained my hunger for a lot longer.

Within just a couple of weeks I was hitting my numbers pretty consistently and felt SO much better providing my body with what it needed. Granted- the numbers that I started with were on the low end (Chris started me at 1650 cals and I burn about 1300 on some days) however, prior to tracking my calories I was under eating  5/7 days and probably OVER eating the other days. The idea behind starting me at 1650 was to get me CONSISTENTLY eating the same amount every day to get my body used to a reliable amount of food. I think its also important to note that staying consistent with food (and drinking about a gallon of water a day) my lean body mass increased and my body fat decreased a little bit.

After hitting my numbers and being consistent for a couple of weeks I started noticing that I was getting hungrier faster, and the amount of food I was eating didn’t seem like enough food anymore even though I was still making better choices. This is where there wellness management program with Chris is SO great- because he is so accessible. I texted him how I was feeling to keep him informed, and after a week or so of feeling hungry like this- he upped my calories to 1850 (yay!) but with the intent of monitoring my weigh-ins and making sure my body doesn’t react negatively to the additional calories.

This program has seriously been such a game changer for me. Having someone I can text any time of the day with questions (like Hey Chris, I’m going to Zoes kitchen for lunch what’s the best option for me to order?) or simply letting him know how im feeling is truly awesome. Seeing the changes in my body, and in how im feeling in just a couple short weeks is SUPER motivating and I can’t wait to continue working with him.

The next steps: To analyze my bloodwork results to see if I have any micronutrient deficiencies, get a general idea of my current metabolic efficiency, and catch any hidden potential health issues I may not know about! They are also going to give me recommended foods/supplements to incorporate from this meeting to help optimize my metabolism even more, or to see where my body is at.. so our next meeting will be a pretty in depth nutrition meeting with Chris and TriCore’s lead dietician Beth. After that we will look at getting me started on their meal prep delivery service (hallelujah..  because this is something I REALLY struggle with.. I don’t care what people say I TRULY don’t have the time to be prepping myself well balanced meals lol.)

Please don’t hesitate to ask me ANY and ALL of your questions about this process and also feel free to reach out to Chris- I promise you, if you have a question he has the answer!!!

2 thoughts on “Nutritional Consult. Working with Tricore part 2

  1. Jessica Schaefer says:

    YES! I am so glad I’m not the only who thinks about meal prepping and immediately wonders where is the time for that! This sounds amazing and like something I definitely need to look into. That accountability piece is really what I need!


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