Why Beautycounter.


This week has been a DOOZY you guys… like one of those weeks that just kind of kick you on your rear and try to hold you down there. My car died 3x, Stephens outta town and my kids are choosing to wake up at 5am, Hayes is in that “throwing his head back, arching screaming throwing a fit over everything phase” and to be honest im just plain tired. What I’ve learned, and am continuing to learn and practice is that even when things kick you down– only YOU are the one who allows it to keep you there. The strength comes in continuously choosing to stand back up.. to get back into a good mood, to smile… Its a practice and its something only we have the power to choose for ourselves.

Wow. That was pretty a pretty deep introduction to talking about skincare lolol sorry guys.. ANYWAYS. The purpose of this post is to 1) clear the air on WHY I am choosing to represent Beautycounter, and 2) Tell you guys a little bit more about the company/products .


Okay. So if you know me at all, or have followed me on social media for any length of time you might know or have some intuitive feeling on what I think (thought) about multilevel marketing. You guys know what i’m talking about… the people who constantly slide in your DM’s telling you that you’d be GREAT at something when they don’t even know how to spell your first name in said DM.. (insert eye-roll here) I promised myself I would NEVER get involved in something like that. On one hand- I respected the guts it took for someone to completely randomly reach out to someone regarding their company, but on the other- bigger- hand it was so frustrating to me that someone who didn’t know me at all would copy and paste the same message that they sent to someone else and tell me I would be a great addition to their team. First of all- they don’t know me at all… secondly and most importantly it was SO disingenuous. SO- I told myself I would never do it. Not to mention, I just never felt connected to ANY of these products or companies.

Rewind literally 6 months ago, and I got an e-mail from Michelle (@theambitiousblonde) She was on vacation in Naples, and had found me on instagram and just wanted to connect and maybe talk about Beautycounter. Since she took the time to e-mail me, and she wasn’t pushy and her instagram account seemed like she was awesome/fun/inspirational and like-minded I decided to meet her. We spent most of the time just chatting and getting to know each other and MAYBE the last 10 minutes talking about beautycounter— of which I had never heard of before. She told me about the company and some of the products and it was all very interesting.. and then when she mentioned that it was technically MLM I checked out mentally. All of that great information she presented me about safe skincare etc was thrown out the window because I had told myself I would never get involved with companies like this. We left our little meeting and that was that.

What I appreciate(d) about Michelle was that she was NEVER pushy. She didn’t email or call or text me a million times asking me when I was joining, or when I was going to purchase something.. she MAYBE texted me one time. During a span of a couple months since our meeting.. I started noticing a lot more about my own skin care/makeup products. I realized that every time Harper (my three year old daughter) would want to play with my makeup I wouldn’t let her– because I didn’t want her putting makeup on her face bc who knows what’s in it. I realized that everytime Hayes (my one year old son) would kiss my face I would cringe because who know what he was essentially licking off of my face. I was more aware of the news stories that said makeup targeted towards children was being linked to asbestos and cancer…. and after a while I realized that NONE of this made sense. If I dont want my kids to be in/around my skincare and makeup then why the world would I put it on my own face? So… I texted Michelle… I think my words were “I changed my mind… I’m in”


My initial plan was just to be a client of Michelles.. to start swapping out my current products for safer options that gave me more peace of mind.. but as I started using the products and seeing how high performing they are, and how my skin literally transformed within a week of swapping.. I realized I wanted to share with others, so I joined as a consultant (not to mention consultants get a discount soooo.. yes please lol)

So here I am… in my first couple months as a consultant for Beautycounter. I never thought I’d be here… but I think when you find something/a company that you align with and love the products you naturally want to share. HOWEVER- what I still will not do, is slide into someones DM’s who I don’t know, with a generic, copied and pasted message and ask someone to join my team. What I WILL do though, is just share my own personal experience with this company and these products and leave the door open for others who may want to join me.

I don’t know everything about this company, about the products, about the pay structure etc.. but its been really fun learning about it more and more.. so if you reach out to me with questions and I don’t know them right away- I promise I will find out, I will ask someone who does and I will learn right along with you! One thing I guess I shouldn’t ever say anymore is that I will “never” do something… because you truly never know when the right opportunity.. the right person.. the right company will come along.

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