I gained more than 2lbs on my vacation and here’s what I did….

So if you’ve followed along on social media for the last week you saw we were on family vacation in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. I didn’t share a TON, but I did share several tips or thoughts that I had on how to stay “healthy” on vacation.. or how to bring healthy habits with you along your travels.

So if you DID follow along, you also saw that I definitely had my fair share of (the best) chocolates, and vanilla lattes and I didn’t track or log my food at all- and I also didn’t exercise AT ALL in 8 days.. we got home super late on Saturday night, but I had my mind made up that I would get “back on track” on Sunday and not wait for Monday. I woke up Sunday morning and stepped on my scale, and was up 2 pounds. I was actually VERY happy with that and kind of proud of myself to be honest. 2 pounds after one week of traveling, indulging and no exercise? Uh, yeah I’ll take that!

But I gained WAY more than 2 pounds on this vacation and here’s what I mean……

What I gained was quality family time. I gained experiences, memories, laughter. Snuggles with my kids.. I gained peace of mind and relaxation, and I gained the confidence that I can practice balance.

By ditching my fitness pal, ditching my food scale, and ditching any expectations for HAVING to exercise or HAVING to eat a certain amount of food I GAINED. The memories and experiences that I got to share with my family on this vacation far trump any weight gain.

Here’s the thing you guys… there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy your vacation. If you want to work out every single day and log your food, DO IT. If you want to have dessert every single day and not workout once DO IT… you have to do what is going to make you the happiest on your trip. I’ve been on both sides. There have been trips I’ve taken where I workout every day and track my food, and there have been trips where I have WAY over indulged. This trip I was really proud of myself for practicing balance. I kept my meals generally “healthy” or balanced and also allowed myself to have treats that I was SO looking forward to. I listened to my body and gave it a MUCH needed rest from physical activity (that was the hardest part for me.. I haven’t taken time off from exercise since I was pregnant.)

So even though I “gained 2 pounds on vacation” (HUGE eye roll, right?) I actually gained way more…

How do you guys “do” vacation? Do you workout or track food or do you just take breaks from it all and enjoy every moment?

I’ll be sharing another blog post soon about all the tips and tricks I practiced before, during and after vacation to help me stay balanced/healthy but also enjoy myself!