5 things CycleBar has given me.

I think its fair to say you guys all know my obsession for CycleBar… and if you’ve been to a class-even just one time- I think you’ll understand every word I say in this post.


I know that I’ve always been into fitness/workouts/health etc.. (obviously..) but there’s just something different about this place. What started out as looking for another job to supplement my slow summers has developed into something so much more.

I remember facebooking messaging Jake back in July 2018 because I saw an add for Cyclebar and after researching it for 2 seconds thinking it would be something that could fit for me. I met him for coffee a couple days later with a cranky, crying 8 week old Hayes and after hearing just a LITTLE bit about it, and seeing what the studio was going to look like I was definitely intrigued. I had been a personal trainer for 2 years at this point but I had ALWAYS had this longing for reaching a larger part of my community with group fitness.


The next steps were lots of practicing, making it through 2 rounds of auditions and a pretty strenuous 4 day bootcamp but in December I was officially hired as a Cyclestar. We’ve been open for about 7 months already (holy cow when did that happen?!) and I wanted to kind of summarize 5 things.. lessons if you will.. that Cyclebar has given me (because if I don’t summarize, I could go on forever.) So in no particular order of importance.. here we go..


  1. There is strength through vulnerability. There is something extremely raw and nerve wracking about putting a microphone on, and getting under a spotlight in front of a room full of your peers. Theres no hiding, everything you say is amplified.. if you “mess up” or “say something wrong” there’s no running from it. What used to be the scariest part for me- is now the most empowering. There is such strength in putting on that microphone. In knowing that you might mess up, or say something wrong but that ITS OKAY. Showing all of those riders that you’re human too and that we are literally all in this together. Being able to share the lessons of life that I’m learning- and having people thank me after because they’re going through the same hardships and its nice to not feel so alone.
  2. That being on a team is truly the best. I’ve been on sports teams my entire life, and yes we’ve all supported each other and gone through the highs and lows.. but something about this team that we’ve created here at Cyclebar is special, and I’m not just talking about the staff or instructors… I’m talking about each and every rider who walks into our doors. We haven’t just provided a fitness class.. we’ve provided a spot on the team.. a home.. a community for people to be a part of.
  3. That music can get you through just about anything. For so long (pre Cyclebar) I had felt kind of a disconnect from music. It was always playing– in the background in my car, in the gym where I work.. but I hadn’t really connected to anything musically in a long time. Maybe this has to do with the vulnerability I mentioned above, maybe I just wasn’t allowing the music in.. but when creating playlists becomes a part of your job- something changed for me. All of a sudden I was HEARING the music again, I was allowing myself to feel it.. to let it move me (and im not just talking about tapbacks and pushups lol) I’ve had so many people tell me that they’re listening to music differently now and that a song I played in class really resonated with them– whether it was the words or the rhythm.
  4. This isn’t necessarily a lesson– but Cyclebar has opened the door to meeting some of the best people I’ve met. Our riders are some of the most inspirational, funniest, best people I’ve had the fortune of meeting and I am so grateful for that. I say it a lot in class– but our riders, our TEAM has gotten me through a lot of hardships just by being there.. by showing up every day and for that I am so thankful.
  5. The last thing, is that fitness isn’t always about the physical work. The limits you push, the strength you find in class doesn’t always stem from physical strength; Its mental strength. It takes MENTAL strength to turn up the resistance when you don’t think you can handle anymore pressure. It takes MENTAL strength to clip into the bike even when you’re tired and don’t feel like it. Fitness isn’t always about how many calories you burn, sometimes its about being proud of how hard you pushed, sometimes its about just being proud of showing up even if you didn’t have the ride you hoped for.. sometimes its just about having fun and laughing during class.

Thank you guys for being with me on this epic journey, and if you haven’t been to a class yet.. give us a shot. I promise you’ll feel at home.IMG_6310