Mindset and motivation.

As I approach the end of this pregnancy.. i’m more excited than EVER to get back into the gym. Listen guys, I KNOWWWW that raising little humans is more important than getting to the gym 4 days a week, however I also know that the gym is a huge part of me as a person- and makes me feel good physically but ESPECIALLY mentally. I think that sometimes people lose sight of the fact that Moms can be and do more. Being a mom is my most favorite, most important job in the ENTIRE world- but I also love being a personal trainer and helping others find their own strength in the gym. I think its important that we remember that to pour into others’ cups (i.e our children, husbands etc) ours have to be full first.

I want to talk a little bit about how powerful your mindset is, and how closely that is linked to your motivation levels. Its something that’s been on my mind a TON lately so I thought I’d share!

Having not worked out a ton this pregnancy- especially AT ALL for about the last month or so, I started having negative thoughts creep in about how hard it was going to be for me to get back into shape. It also didn’t help that a lot of other people (moms of more than one kid) were always telling me how much harder it is the second time around. I totally get it.. and I’m definitely NOT saying that it’s going to be easy. But if I have negative thoughts about it before I even try- what do I think the outcome is going to be?

Positive mindset= positive motivation levels
negative mindset= negative motivation levels

Makes sense right? Luckily I noticed the negative thoughts that were creeping in and was able to make the change in my thought process almost right away– but its a practice… I have to CHOOSE to remain positive every single day or else I will still sink back into a negative space.

When I was in a negative head space I started feeling anxiety about working out again, and having anxious thoughts that “I wont know where to start.” Which is when I knew I was having bad thoughts because I’ve NEVER felt anxiety about the gym– if anything it’s always been my release from anxious thoughts/tendencies. Instead, I started thinking about how EXCITING it’s going to be to basically be starting from the ground up, how I can set totally new goals for myself. Clean slate. I also started thinking about how this will give me the opportunity to relate to my clients more who are just starting to work out. I will be better able to understand their nerves, hesitations, frustrations a little bit more than I do right now. Now i’m literally ITCHING to be able to work out again!

Honestly, I think the hardest part of all of this is actually being able to recognize when you’re having the negative thoughts. Some times weeks can go by before you notice how negative you’ve been. Once you make it a habit to have positive thoughts you’ll be surprised at how much better your outlook on other things will be too!!

I hope this helps you guys if you feel down about any aspect of your life, just know that there are always little things you can do each day to improve your mindset/motivation to achieve things!!!!