Nutrition Consultation


So if you guys know me… like at all.. you know how important health and fitness is to me. Like its basically my whole platform and a HUGE pillar of my life. So when things in those departments aren’t going well for me– its a pretty big deal.

Rewind back to December… I was 7 months post partum, had just started teaching at CycleBar- so my cardio/fitness routine TOTALLY changed/increased a ton and maybe TMI but I feel like it plays a huge part– I got an IUD placed #nomorebabies. My body was going through SO many changes all at the same time.. I literally hit the ground running with working two jobs, not to mention being a full time mom to two little kids who require all of your attention.. I knew my body would go through an adjustment period.. and as a former division 1 athlete honestly I thought I was prepared for it.

K.. so during the following months (from December until about March) I just wasn’t handing everything well. I was EXHAUSTED alllllll the damn time. Like not the kind of tired you feel when you just need to take a quick nap… like PHYSICALLY drained to the point where I would stare at Hayes in the car seat when I got home and have no clue how I was going to lift him up and out. I felt foggy, I was bruising really easily (which is really out of character for me) I was eating SOO poorly.. but not always because I wanted it- because I CRAVED it. Im usually pretty proud of my will power and don’t typically crave sugar but I just felt like I NEEDED it after every meal. No matter what I ate I wasn’t satisfied.


I knew that I had been putting my body through a lot- working full time personal training and teaching 5 or more high intensity cycling classes will do that to ya… but I’m pretty stubborn and just kind of was waiting for my body to catch up. However, that just didn’t happen. Not only do I want my body to perform at a high level– I kind of depend on it… so I started looking into things to get me back to 100%

This is where it all begins.. My friend Chris Edwards had been working with my husbands company doing a corporate wellness challenge and I knew he would have an idea of how to help me. He gave me a list of all different lab tests that I should have run to check my levels and see where I was at. So I got my blood drawn (12 fricken tubes mind you… literally killed me haha) and waited for the results.

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In the mean time I set up an appointment with Chris and his company TriCore Wellness to really dive in and get myself back to feeling like normal again. Chris is someone who is SO passionate about what he does that it literally radiates from him.. he knows SO much about this stuff and I’m so grateful that he is helping me through this. During our first meeting I had to fill out some paperwork- just general stuff like how I’ve been feeling, medical history, medications I had been taking etc.. then he also had me fill out a daily food log prior to our meeting– mostly just to understand my habits, how much I had been eating in comparison to the calories I burn each day.

After sitting down with Chris and going over my information we narrowed it down to 3 main things to work on at first- before we really dive in to the nutrition part (which we will talk about at our next appointment) Each of these three things kind of go hand in hand and make total sense to me… First was cutting back my caffeine intake and increasing my water consumption… Second was my sleep quality (see how those two are linked?) Third was getting my gut back into a more functional range. After saying out loud how much caffeine I was drinking a day it was like a huge wake up call. Especially because with ALL of that caffeine- I still felt tired.. well go figure my sleep quality sucked.. and my gut was all messed up. Chris gave me “homework” and told me to little by little cut my caffeine down and drink twice as much water, see how that affected my sleep patterns.. and to eat a fruit/vegetable with EVERY meal to try and help my gut/get more fiber.

Chris’s company is a total wellness management service that specializes in Personalized Health Coaching…there isn’t one step that is missed. He is going to analyze my bloodwork with a dietician that he works with to see where I’m out of range- where my hormones are off balance, he even looks at my micronutrient levels to see where I can be adding something into my diet or supplementing with something. He offers so many different tools/services to help during every phase of their journey. What I am going to be starting is the private wellness coaching.. so I will start recording and sending him photos of my daily meals so he can get an even better idea of my portion sizes/what Im eating before we meet this week for our nutrition meeting. Not only does this help Chris get a better idea of where I’m at calorically but it is a HUGE accountability game changer. Knowing I have to text him a photo of my meals makes me more mindful of what I’m eating FOR SURE!

I am SO glad to be on the path to getting my body back into a place where I feel good again. I think that as someone who works in the fitness industry, as a personal trainer or group fitness instructor its almost expected that you’re in great shape, you eat great and feel great and know how to do it all on your own (or maybe that’s just a pressure I put on myself…) either way- it can be kind of daunting when you DONT feel good… but truthfully there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help. I don’t know everything- and never will claim to, and I am so excited to be working with Chris and his company.

If you guys have any questions about this journey I’m on- or about TriCore Wellness PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask me. I always want to be open and transparent, and want to help you guys feel your best also… !!