He’s here! and He’s perfect!

The Massie family is officially a party of 4! So crazy…  I still stare at him and can’t believe he’s actually here. Its so weird how you can go from being SO uncomfortably pregnant one minute, to holding a sweet little baby in your arms.

Hayes William Massie was born on May 4th, 2018 at 3:48am, weighing 8lbs 3oz and was 21″ long! Such a big guy! And yes.. my husband bought us all Star Wars shirts for “may the fourth be with you.” Admittedly, Stephen was pretty bummed that Hayes couldn’t wait until Cinco de Mayo because he wanted us all to wear sombreros and fake mustaches… but he settled for the star wars thing haha!!

On Wednesday the 3rd I had my 37 week appointment, and my OB did a membrane sweep. Up until this, I had absolutely no clue what that was. Sounds weird and painful but its not at all. Anyways.. everyone I had talked to who had this done said they were in the hospital 12 hours later, so I took the rest of the day off of work because I SERIOUSLY thought i’d be in the hospital that day lol. So around 8pm when nothing was happening I was pretty bummed. The next morning I woke up, and headed to work when a friend of mine, (shoutoutttt) whose in the medical field told me to try castor oil- so I whipped right into Publix to grab some. I took 1 tbsp of it mixed with some iced tea (and thank goodness she told me not to over-dot it because apparently its a pretty strong laxative so if you take too much– beware lol!) That was around 8:30am… and at 1pm I started having contractions!

It was so weird- you’d think that since I’d had a baby before, I would know how to tell the difference between braxton hicks and the real deal but I was still pretty confused… but after walking around, laying down, drinking water and eating something when they still didnt go away I called Stephen and told him I was going to drive myself to Labor and Delivery to get checked just in case but wasn’t expecting them to keep me (denial.)

I got in my car, and headed to the hospital but was seriously nervous, and the pain kept getting a little stronger so for some reason I started blasting old school NSYNC (I think the whole “its gunna be may” thing was on my mind) but either way it definitely distracted me and got me there in one piece lol. When they called me back and checked me I was 3cm dilated and having reallyyyyy strong, regular contractions (which btw.. apparently the castor oil makes your contractions stronger.. because I was in so much pain at a 3– and I didnt even get my epidural with Harper until I was almost a 5.) Anyways, Stephen finally got there and my nurse made me start walking the halls just to make sure that my labor would progress on its own and wasnt because of the membrane sweep or the castor oil.. but the contractions got so bad I couldn’t even walk any more so they called my doctor and they admitted me! He was actuallyyyyy on his way!

Once they checked me into my room I met my nurse who would be delivering him, and she was a fricken rockstar. She was SO funny, kept me totally at ease AND handled Stephens sense of humor/sarcasm like a champ lol. They started my IV’s (after 2 failed attempts and 2 blown blood vessels…which yes I’m still bitter about) and I got the epidural as soon as it was offered to me. For some reason I kept stalling at 3cm so they started the lowest level of pitocin to get things going. Once I finally got to a 4, my water broke.. and 45 minutes later I was an 8! Which sounds great, however since I progressed so quickly the epidural medication couldn’t keep up with how fast I dilated.. so its almost like it didn’t work at all! Within 45 minutes I went from comfortably hanging out with Stephen watching tv, to cursing, biting the blankets and rolling around in the worst pain. The anesthesiologist came back in to up-my dose of the medication but it took about 2 hours for it to kick in enough to make me comfortable again.. luckily by that point I was at a 9 and ready for my doctor to come in and deliver this guy!

Once the doctor (who was on call.. not my original OB) came in, they had me start pushing, and after only 4 pushes- he was here!!! It was such a calm, easy delivery which explains a lot because Hayes is such a calm, easy baby. He didnt even really cry when he came out- just kind of whimpered, where Harper was SCREAMING the second she was born (totally true of her personality lol!)

It’s so true what everyone says though, I didnt think I had any more room in my heart for another baby after Harper, but the second I saw little Hayes’ chunky cheeks, and cute button nose- it all changes. And its not like your heart is cut in half- one side for each baby.. your heart quadruples in size for BOTH of your babies.

I’ll do another post this week about Harper and how she, and we all are adjusting to life as a family of four.. and then either late this week or early next week I’ll do a post on all my newborn faves (gear, clothing etc) Right now i’ll just keep snuggling my little guy 🙂