Sprouts Is Open In Naples!

IMG_5493Happy Wednesday you guys! I know its been a hot minute since I’ve written anything on here but I am so excited about Sprouts opening in Naples that I have too much to say in just an instagram caption!

If you guys have been around long enough you know how important health and fitness is to me and my whole family. I am always looking for new food finds, new recipes and fun/different ways to get my kids to eat healthy too! Thats why when I heard Sprouts was opening like 4 miles away from my house I was just TOO excited, and I was even more excited to be invited to their Family and Friends event last night to get a sneak peak at what they’re all about.


I brought Harper with me for a little mommy/daughter date night and we met up with a group of girls and got a special tour around the store where they told us all about what separates them from other grocery stores- and you guys I am SO impressed.

Sprouts is all about “better for you brands” meaning you won’t find any Coke or Pepsi products, but all things that will inspire you to live a healthier life with better ingredients. The main thing I noticed, and that was pointed out was their produce section is in the entire middle of their store. They WANT you to shop their selection of fruits and vegetables rather than making you weave through aisles of processed foods. They also encourage you to ask an employee to sample something- and will cut open a fruit or vegetable for you to try right on the spot.


What I also loved was their selection of prepared meals (perfect for busy moms/families who are always on the go) but that these meals are also prepared with wholesome, healthy ingredients. Sprouts also has an in-store butcher with fresh, never frozen meats and seafood selections. They can cut anything for you right on the spot and help you decide on seasonings etc.


Sprouts supports all kinds of diets/lifestyle choices. For me- someone who eats mostly whole30 and dairy free I was blown away by their options. Since Sprouts is a company that is all about brands that are better for you- they carry ALL options and ALL flavors. For example I saw flavors of Siete Foods tortilla chips, and Hail Merry snacks that I didn’t even know existed. Sprouts also recognizes that if you are starting a new diet that you may buy an item you’ve never tried before- and therefore might not always love everything you try, which is why they offer a complete money back or refund/exchange for something you don’t absolutely love! How cool is that?!

During our tour we also got to meet some employees from Melissa’s produce who supplies Sprouts with their potatoes/peppers and other fresh produce as well. They showed us their tropical fruit display and explained to us that they are always trying to offer seasonal fruits that you might not always find other places such as rambutan and starfruit!

One of my favorite sections of the store was their vitamins section. They have every supplement/vitamin you could imagine! From a whole refrigerator section with probiotics, to collagen, protein powders etc. And they do a really great job with ongoing education to their employees who staff this section so that they are full of knowledge and able to help you make decisions on what will help you best!


Harper and I had the best time last night and we’re already planning our trip back to get some snacks and items I saw last night! Sprouts Naples is open from 7am to 10pm every day so on your next trip to the store– make sure you check out Sprouts and let me know what you find!!!