What Mother’s Day means to me

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I felt compelled to write a short little post about what Mother’s Day means to me, since this is my first one as a mom of two little ones!

Whether you’re a biological mommy, a foster mom, a caretaker, a dog mom, waiting to become a mom- motherhood looks different for everyone. For me, motherhood is he ultimate dream job I never knew I wanted.

Growing up I knew I wanted kids, but as I got older it became a scary, intimidating thing and I truly think if God didn’t give us Harper when he did- we still wouldn’t have kids because I’d be too scared to try.

Becoming a mom, and now a mom of two has been the BEST thing ever.

Being a mom has given me the ultimate confidence, while also testing every insecurity i have.

Being a mom has given me incredible amounts of patience, and also a short fuse in certain moments.

Being a mom has brought me closer to friends- while also bringing me farther away from other friends.

Being a mom has shown me you can go from thinking you’ve got it under control- to feeling totally out of control within a second.

Being a mom has also shown me that you can watch curious George on repeat for weeks on end and not lose your mind.

Being a mom has expanded my heart 100x, and put it outside my body into these two little people. Making every day and moment extremely vulnerable to emotion as I watch them learn and grow..and little by little, become more independent from me.

No matter what type of mom you are, what you feel and experience are validated. We are doing the job that no one else can do. We were chosen specifically for these little people, and they were chosen for us. You’re not alone in this crazy job called motherhood- we’re all united, and hopefully will always support each other and lift each other up.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.