As I get older, the more aware I am of what companies and corporations are doing for others. It’s really awesome to see people giving back in fun ways and that’s exactly what TOMS is doing.


Many of you guys don’t know, but I got my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Mental health has always been important and very interesting to me. As a personal trainer its easy to only focus on our physical strength, but what’s more important and unfortunately less talked about- is our mental health. We are all okay with talking about visiting gyms, or doctors for physical work/checkups.. but for some reason the second we start talking about therapy, or counseling to work on our mental health it becomes taboo.


I was lucky enough to partner with TOMS on their Stand For Tomorrow campaign. TOMS is taking ten dollars of every purchase and letting YOU decide which cause to donate it to (so awesome.) The causes to choose from are: ending gun violence, equality, the homeless, mental health, safe water and women’s rights. Visit their website and use promo code STANDFOR10 for 10$ off your purchase!


I hope you guys with stand with me, and stand with TOMS as we #standfortomorrow